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Legacy - Rhinos

Just wanted to show off the rhinos by themselves, they were a lot of fun to sculpt. The baby was especially exciting because I feel like I haven't seen baby animals sculpted realistically much, also they are real cute lol. I also really enjoyed gathering tons of reference for the both of them, it gave me good ideas for future models.

Alexandra reeves turntable setup 103
Alexandra reeves turntable setup 102
Alexandra reeves turntable setup 101
Alexandra reeves detail 002
Alexandra reeves detail 001

showing off the rough polypaint, which I do to all my models

Adult Rhino Topo Turntable

Adult Rhino Turntable

Alexandra reeves adult uvs u1 v1

showing the rough polypaint, I usually do polypaint just to get a rough idea.

Alexandra reeves detail 003
Alexandra reeves baby uvs u1 v1